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I am an artist and a photographer whose work for many years centered around the subject of homelessness in America, particularly as it impacted on the lives of women. As part of that work I traveled around the country interviewing and photographing homeless women in America. This work, entitled Shopping Bag Ladies: Homeless Women Speak About Their Lives was published by Pilgrim Press. One of the interviews in the book was subsequently made into a CBS movie starring Lucille Ball. I mention this work in order to explain a little about my background and its relationship to my present work. My recent work employs a combination of photography and painting. Large scale images are altered by a variety of techniques including the use of paints, inks, dyes, hand coloring, and darkroom manipulation.
In the past two years I have been photographing in the interiors of a series of 27 abandoned buildings at a mill in Western Massachusetts. The mill has now been converted into one of the largest museums in the United States. In my work, figures in interior space investigate the bits of life and history that remain in these deteriorating rooms - of people having lived, and worked in a particular space. This work is concerned with the ephemeral nature of physical existence and seeks to depict all that goes on in a room for which we have no words. The aim is to evoke interiors of the mind, worlds where what is unspoken and unseen becomes tangible, visible, knowable.

Most recently I have Begun a project to photograph clouds. This is an unusual direction for me, but it's something I have wanted to do since I first began to photograph. I am interested in the infinite variety, shapes and structure of the clouds. To me, they are poetry made visible and I have sought to portray how they are tied to the earth forming another sort of landscape America.

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